Repainting of Gibraltar’s Referendum Steps to celebrate 50th Anniversary

HM Government of Gibraltar
Painting the steps red, white and blue

AS Gibraltar gets ready for the  50th Anniversary of the Referendum celebrations the Youth Service is repainting  the steps leading up to the Upper Rock.

Whilst some towns in Spain have chosen to paint steps the colours of the Rainbow Flag, Gibraltar  has chosen  the original Union Flag  (widely referred to as the Union Jack) that became a symbol of Gibraltar’s wish to remain British forever.

On the two previous occasions when Devil’s Gap Road, the commonly known Referendum Steps were painted, the work was carried out by local residents.


In this instance it was considered important that the link between local youth and previous generations who did so much for freedom of expression was reinforced, so the Youth Service took the task on as part of their community involvement initiatives.

A group of fifteen people aged between 12 and 18 from the Youth Service were selected to participate. They have been learning about the significance of the 1967 referendum vote and are very excited to play their part in the renovation of these iconic steps. 


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