Child trapped in swimming pool filter for 90 minutes released by firemen

BREAKING: Firemen smash open the concrete pool surround to release the boy

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD  boy was trapped by his arm for an hour and a half in a swimming pool at an urbanisation in Teatinos on the outskirts of Malaga.

Firefighters had to break the concrete edge of the pool surround to access the filtration pipe and free the child.

The incident happened in the swimming pool of Jardines de Torre Atalaya.

Eyewitnesses said  one of the boy’s arms was trapped to the elbow in one of the water filtration holes located on one of the walls of the pool.

Malaga firefighters attended and had to break the concrete from the edge of the pool to release the child with part of the pipe still attached to his arm.

The child was transferred to the Materno Infantil hospital where the pipe was removed and he was kept in for observation.


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