WATCH: Armed police capture head of Russian criminal group in Spain

Policia National
RAID: Heavily armed police enter the property in Mijas

A JOINT operation between Spain’s National Police, the Guardia Civil and the police in Estonia has led to the capture of the head of the Russian organised crime group Kemerovo.

Raids were carried out simultaneously in Mijas (Málaga) and in Tallín (Estonia) where three other leaders of the largest Russian criminal organisation dedicated to drug trafficking were arrested.

Heavily armed police raided the home of its chief of staff in the Malaga town of Mijas and found a stash of  hidden cash, computer equipmeny that is  pending analysis, as well as an axe and a large knife that the detainee hid under his pillow.


The other three leaders of the criminal group were arrested in Estonia including the deputy leader of the group, a martial arts expert who recruited the “soldiers” of Kemerovo in the gymnasium he ran.

The Estonian authorities had been investigating the illegal activities of this criminal organisation for more than two years.

The operation took on a new dimension following the assassination, in September 2016, of one Estonia’s top mafia bosses following a dispute between rival criminal gangs.


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