FEELING BLUE: Smurfs pack their bags and leave unique village in Spain

Photo: Karl Smallman
FEELING BLUE: Smurfs are leaving the Spanish village of Juzcar

A SLEEPY, typical Andalucian white village became world-famous as a Smurf Village (pueblo pitufo)  when it was completely painted blue by Sony Pictures as part of a campaign to promote the Smurfs movie six years ago.

But now all images, statues and references to the tiny blue characters will have to be removed from the village in the Serrania de Ronda (Malaga)  after the estate of the characters’ Belgian creator, Peyo, demanded  royalties.

The heirs of Pierre Culliford asked for 12 percent of the profits of the sales and activities derived from the use of the ‘Smurfs’ name.


The town hall couldn’t reach an agreement with the estate so, from 15 August, there will be no more references to the small blue figures  will be removed.

However,  the houses will remain painted blue.

With 240 registered inhabitants, Júzcar’s main source of income is tourism it and receives an average of 50,000 visitors a year thanks to the association with the Smurfs.

IMG 7100JUZCAR: All references to the Smurfs must be removed from the village


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