Is there cause for complaint?

Recently we were ‘ambushed’ by a couple of local plumbers along with our Community President, declaring that a water leak from our bathroom was entering apartments below us. They proceeded to tear out our toilet and only then informed us, in a threatening manner, that it would cost €700 to fix. When we said that we wanted a formal ‘factura’ with all their details on it, they suddenly dropped the price by half. Then they said that they would not continue the work until they were paid, and we said we would call the police. The next day they finished and replaced the toilet. Do we have grounds for a complaint?

P W (Costa del Sol)

In theory, yes. The plumbers attempted to extort from you more money than the job was worth and then threatened to leave the job undone unless you paid. Finally, they committed a tax fraud by getting paid in black. However, you stood up to them. Good for you. The problem is then how to prove this.

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