Spanish consul fired for ‘joking’ about Andalucia President Susana Diaz’s accent

Casa de S.M el Rey/Twitter
LADIES IN RED: The picture which prompted the consuls post

A SPANISH consul was fired for blasting Andalucia President Susana Diaz’s accent and “lack of protocol” on social media.

Enrique Sarda Valls posted on Facebook a message, spelt in the way an Andalucian would pronounce Spanish words, saying it was easy to see she was “der pueblo” (a yokel) and clearly “from the left.” 

The scathing post came after a host of government officials and Queen Letizia visited Malaga. Both Susana Diaz and Queen Letizia showed up wearing red dresses prompting the consul to say Diaz “doesn’t know anything about protocol” and even going as far as to call for her resignation.


Valls told news outlets he felt the decision to fire him was done “on the basis of emotion” and was “disproportionate” to what he intended to be a joke.

He did however recognise the “uncomfortable position” he put the Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis in.

Susana Diaz posted a picture of the Andalucian flag with the words “proud to be Andalucian, and of my accent” shortly after the consul’s post went viral.


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