Man arrested for kidnapping himself and demanding ransom from family in Alicante

Guardia Civil
The three being caught in the act

AFTER receiving a €1,200 ransom from family members when he was allegedly kidnapped in Benidorm a month ago, a junkie didn’t get away with it a second time.

The man called an uncle in Alicante saying that he had been kidnapped and would be killed unless the family paid a ransom of €5,000 for his release.

His worried uncle contacted the Guardia Civil, reporting the alleged offence and asking for advice and help.


Officers told him to proceed with the hand-over of the funds at a shopping centre in Finestrat and they would ensure that the kidnappers were brought to justice.

When three people turned up at the agreed time and place including a very relaxed looking kidnap victim, officers moved in an arrested the two men and a female accomplice.

During an interview, the ‘kidnap victim’ admitted that it was all a hoax and he needed the money to pay off people who had supplied him with large amounts of drugs.


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