Jaguar cub’s spectacular launch

© Flickr/Jaguar MENA
BARREL ROLL: Do not try this Jaguar E-Pace stunt at home.

JAGUAR’S new baby SUV set pulses racing during a London launch show when stunt man Terry Grant entered the Guinness Book of Records with the world’s longest ever barrel roll in a production car.

The brand’s latest addition, the E-Pace SUV, fired a very loud warning shot to future rivals the BMW X1 and Audi Q3, with the daredevil James Bond stunt at the Excel arena.

Grant took the car for a 270 degree roll over 15 metres, using a 160 metre run up and landing on all four wheels after the wheel in front of hundreds of astonished fans.


Set to replicate the success of the now iconic F-Pace, Jaguar’s second SUV is much more compact and affordable. Available later this year prices begin at around €35,000.

Buyers can choose between 150hp, 180hp, and 240hp diesels, and 250hp or 300hp petrol-run engines, the latter of which can hit 100kph in 6.4 seconds and a top speed of 243kph.

There are five seats, with each having its own USB plug. There is 4G capability, four sockets, and a roomy boot offering 577 litres of space, while the glove box has ten litres. Wheels are 19 or 20-inch, though attention-grabbing 21-inch spokes are available.

A top infotainment system is complemented by 3D satellite mapping. What Jaguar calls its safest car ever has an autonomous emergency braking system and pedestrian detection.

Drivers can choose between a nine-speed automatic or a six-speed manual. A 150hp manual will cost around €35,000, while a 300hp petrol automatic will set buyers back roughly €60,000.

Dubbed the ‘cub’ while in production, the final version has jaguar cub designs, including on the windscreen and even the lighting when drivers unlock their car.


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