British holidaymakers left furious after new EU border checks cause delays across Spanish airports

Rob Smith/Facebook
Border queues at Palma Airport

HOLIDAYMAKERS are being warned of potential lengthy delays at European airports this summer after border checks were tightened.

Passengers have been forced to wait in queues for up to four hours after arriving at popular airports such as Madrid, Mallorca, Barcelona and Malaga.

Social media erupted with complaints about waiting at passport control for hours upon arriving at their destination.


The problem is being blamed on the introduction of stricter border controls due to the Schengen Agreement, the border free area that most EU member states are a part of.

Usually, British travellers could pass through with only visual passport checks, but new rules – introduced after a series of terror attacks in Europe – means anyone from a non-Schengen country is checked against a database.

Some airlines are also suggesting that airports have not brought in enough staff to try to minimise the effect of the new rules.



  1. Why are. Brits complaining. The main reason Brexit was voted in, was because Britain wanted more border controls. Do the British public really think that they should not be subject to the same treatment in other countries??
    Even before Britain had the referendum they were the only European country where there were delays at customs. Wake up Brits this is what you wanted


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