WATCH: ‘Surfing’ highway robbers who break into moving lorries arrested in Madrid

Footage caught the robbers mid raid

A GANG of highway robbers who were caught on video raiding a moving lorry were arrested in Madrid.

The Romanian group used chainsaws and harnesses to break into the back of the moving vehicle and would then throw the stolen goods back into their car.

Authorities raided a villa in Becerril de la Sierra near Madrid, arresting 10 people and seizing walkie-talkies, harnesses, slings, gloves chainsaws and other materials used in their operations.


The gang are believed to be involved in two robberies in Spain, one in February and one in June. It is estimated the daredevils made off with more than €200,000 worth of mobile phones in the first raid, but were later recovered by police.

Spanish police call the potentially lethal method ‘surfing’ and is similar to the method used in a Fast and Furious film starring the late Paul Walker.

Below is footage allegedly involving the detained.



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