Fiery Catalan TV host hits the headlines again

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CONTROVERSIAL TV presenter Empar Moliner has sparked an outcry after comparing Catalans to homosexuals in Muslim countries.

“Being Catalan in Spain is like being gay in Morocco, there is a big difference,” she wrote in a newspaper column criticising the national government’s decision to annul a digital tax imposed by the Generalitat de Cataluña.

She also accuses King Felipe, Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy and government ministers of wanting to “slit out throats if we stand up for ourselves” in the piece printed in regional daily Ara.


The firebrand journalist then goes onto attack the left wing “who speak all day of empowering the people, the right to a living wage and the right to culture” for failing to oppose the decision.

Ms Moliner last year triggered a war of words between Madrid and Barcelona after she set fire to the Spanish constitution on live television.


  1. Another absurd outburst by that vile woman, relying on hyperbole to promote her bigotry.

    It is not Morocco but Islam everywhere which persecutes gays, Jews, Christians & non-moslems.

    To suggest that Spaniards from Catalonia are in danger of being killed or maimed is ludicrous to the point of farce.

  2. Such a horrible translation, you missed half of the quote!! She said “Salvant les distancies”, you can translate that as “There is a big difference…”.
    I have just read the original article and it is pretty well explained. The same law for the Castillian culture is ok but not for the Catalan…


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