Marbella hero to have boulevard named after him

Marbella Council
Pablo Raez's father (middle) Paco receiving the award

MARBELLA city council has announced that the new boulevard in Arroyo Primero will be named after the humanitarian hero, Pablo Raez.

Pablo Raez died whilst battling with leukaemia, but failed to let adversities stand in the way of raising awareness. Prior to his death, his campaign led to a 1,400 per cent rise in bone marrow donation in Malaga province.

“We have decided that our new construction will be dedicated to Pablo Raez as a gesture of appreciation extended towards his family,” mayor of Marbella, Miguel Diaz, announced.


Raez’s father, Paco, thanked the mayor and said that he has “been living in Marbella all my life, and now, all that Pablo achieved will live with us.”

He added that he “loves” the council’s decision to name the boulevard after his son, as it will “inspire locals to live in harmony and work for the common good.”


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