Spain says ‘hola’ to Android Pay

ANDROID PAY: Says 'hola' to Spain

MEETING a date for tapas or picking up snacks for the beach? You can now ditch your wallet. The next time you’re getting your café con leche at Starbucks, a new look from Zara, the essentials at El Corte Inglés, or tapas at 100 Montaditos, you’ll be able to pay quickly and easily using just your phone.

Android Pay, the mobile phone payment system  has arrived in Spain.

Android Pay works anywhere contactless payments are accepted, which amounts to over one million stores the country.


And Android Pay isn’t just accepted in stores. Once you’ve set it up, you can speed through checkout online and in apps like Vueling—which means a weekend getaway is only one tap away.

If you’ve got a Visa® or Mastercard debit or credit card with BBVA, you’ll be able to use Android Pay right away.

If you’re a business owner you can accept Android Pay in your stores, websites and apps.

Google’s payment system will compete with Apple Pay, which arrived in Spain in December 2016; with Samsung Pay, which launched in June last year and with native applications of operators such as Vodafone Wallet.

Ready to give it a whirl? Download Android Pay on Google Play.


  1. This is not smart technology – its bloody dangerous technology. Someone can still nick your phone. Besides all of that all this smart tech is designed to enslave us into a cashless society where we all wear rfid chips. food for thought.


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