Malaga youths have the hardest time flying the nest according to study


ONLY 15 per cent of the youth in Malaga province are able to emancipate themselves by the age of 30, according to The Andalucian Emancipation Observatory.

Due to high unemployment levels (43 per cent) and the lowest average youth salary (€781) in Andalucia, Malaga has been named as the most problematic province for young people.  

According to Rocio Vazquez, a member of the Andalucian Youth Council, young women are at a bigger disadvantage than their male counterparts due to the gender pay gap.


She explained “the salary gap has increased in Andalucia, while nationwide figures indicate that although national young male workers earn approximately €100 more than women, in Andalucia the gap has widened to an average of €130.”

Vazquez criticised rising prices within the housing market for contributing to the problem, as some properties within the province take up to 80 per cent of young workers salaries, 20 per cent above the Andalucian average.

Vice-president of the association, Victor Reloba, warned that the youth aren’t the only group at risk.

“It is a mistake to think that the youth are the only group in danger, with salaries of €800, €1,300 pensions cannot be paid,” he explained.

“If we don’t act now, we are heading to a collapse of the state welfare system,” he concluded. 


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