Fourteen-year-old girl seriously injured in bull run in Spain

CHARGED: One of the bull run directors was also tossed into the air

A 14-year-old girl has been seriously injured, after being gored during a bull run in Hellín, Albacete in the Castilla La Mancha region of Spain.

The teenager was stood at the side of the road with a group of friends when the bull attacked and she was gored in both thighs while lying on the ground.

A video posted on social media shows one of the directors of the bull attempting to coax the bull away from the girl with a cape but he was then charged by the bull  tossing him into the air. He suffered broken brones.


Organisers said the girl should not have been standing where she was and the Mayor added, ‘The event complied with all the safety regulations but it was impossible to control all parts of the route or to eliminate recklessness.’


  1. complied with all the safety regulations…with a wild bull???
    control all parts of the route or to eliminate recklessness…well they have the choice to ban this pathetic act and just enjoy the fiesta without abusing animals.
    The ignorant public is at fault for supporting such a selfish outdated belief !


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