Palace officials lied about Diana’s funeral plans according to her brother

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The two boys walking with their uncle and father behind the coffin

PEOPLE throughout the world watching the televised funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales were impressed at the dignified manner in which her two sons followed the coffin.

It seemed at the time a strange part of the ceremony as 15-year-old William and brother Harry aged 12 walked in line in the funeral procession alongside grandfather Prince Philip, uncle Earl Spencer and father Prince Charles.

In a recent TV interview about the funeral, both of the Royal Princes expressed the sorrow they experienced at having to join the procession when they were trying to come to terms with their own grief.


Now Earl Spencer, who was clearly at the time not happy with the participation of Prince Charles – who was separated from his sister – has stated that he was lied to by Palace officials who told him that the two boys wanted to be part of the funeral cortege.

It was a ”bizarre and cruel thing” to make them take part he told BBC Radio 4 adding “I was lied to and told that they wanted to do it, which of course they didn’t.”

As more information leaks out about the decision, one suggestion is that the decision was made by officials in order to protect Prince Charles who may well have been jeered and booed for the way in which the general public believed he treated Diana.


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