British government launches crackdown on 34 holiday sickness scam firms


BRITAIN’S government have hit dozens of illegal firms suspected of encouraging fake holiday sickness compensation claims.

The Ministry of Justice have found a total of 34 unlicensed firms believed to be fuelling the surge in numbers of bogus claims being made by British tourists.

Six warnings have been issued as well as two investigations, and six websites have been shut down.


It also found evidence of solicitors carrying out malpractice and has informed the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

A further 40 firms offering no-win, no-fee services were also issued with ‘compliance advice.’

Despite the crackdown, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has questioned whether the crackdown will stop company owners from carrying on as before.

ABTA’s director of public affairs Alan Wardle said: “While it’s great this action has been taken, we need to make sure the owners of these companies cannot simply set up shop again and carry on as before”

A British couple were recently ordered to pay thousands to Thomas Cook after making a fraudulent compensation claim from their trip to Gran Canaria.


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