Sevilla man waits 14 years for his car to be fixed


A MAN in Sevilla has been waiting 14 years for his car to be fixed.

The Villaverde del Rio local took his car to a mechanic in the area in January 2003 after having an accident and hasn’t seen his car since.

Jose Cortes said he’s been “living a nightmare” for the past 14 years. Initial estimates fir the cost of fixing his car were around €10,000.


Upon recommendation, the man took his car to a garage that specialised in second-hand parts called Hermanos Capdevilla, who said they would fix the car for a much cheaper €2,405.

He gave them a €2,000 deposit and has not seen his car since.

Despite contacting the Guardia Civil in the past, he has still been unable to see, or gain any information about his Ford Sierra.

One of the owners of the dealership claims his brother took the car and money without consulting him, or letting him know their whereabouts, and is no longer involved with the business.

Cortes on the other hand claims he has signed documents confirming payments made and the delivery of his car to the mechanics.

He has threatened to sue the company so he can get his car back.



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