Spaniards grow healthier, yet lazier

COMEBACK KID: Spain’s cooked ham sales soar as fresh meat falls.

THE stomach of the Spanish consumer is awash with contradictions as health concerns grapple with budgets to transform supermarket shopping trends.

Meat consumption has fallen considerably according to a report from the Nielsen consultancy, which collects data from supermarkets, butchers, delicatessens, and local minimarkets.

Purchases of fresh meat have dropped 1.2 per cent in 12 months, although rising prices mean that profits haven’t taken a hit.


Consumer surveys show that developing attitudes spell trouble for fresh meat. On the one hand people are now growing more health conscious and embracing the emergent vegetarian scene, or at least cutting down on meat.

Meanwhile a different kind of consumer prefers the convenience of pre-cooked meals and packs of cooked chicken, pork and ham.

So while fresh meat sales have fallen, jamon (jam) is making a comeback, with sales rising 4 per cent last year.


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