Alleged killer arrested nine years after murder in Alicante

Guardia Civil
The accused killer being arrested

AFTER nine years, the alleged killer of an Ecuadorian has been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Torre-Pacheco (Murcia).

In 2008, an argument  took place in Novelda (Alicante) between two men from Ecuador which resulted in a 22-year-old being stabbed to death by the other, who then went on to injure a third man who had tried to intervene.

The killer escaped and although samples of his DNA found at the scene allowed officers to identify him, they were unable to discover his whereabouts although they did find his passport at the address at which he had been staying.


In 2014, officers discovered that the dead man’s brother had reported his passport as missing around the time of the murder and after re-opening the case they determined that although the brother had returned to Ecuador, he was also registered as an agricultural worker in Torre-Pacheco.

Officers approached the man still living in Spain and discovered that the passport he held had been ‘doctored’ with the addition of a different photograph.

He has now been arrested and placed in prison awaiting trial.

Had he managed to have evaded capture for 15 years after the murder, he would have escaped being charged.


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