Murcia beach nudism ban to go ahead despite opposition


FROM MONDAY July 24 nudism will be prohibited across the beaches of San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia, with fines from €100 to €750 for offenders.

The Popular Party council of San Pedro del Pinatar has banned, amongst other things, nudism, prohibited cycling, restricted pets and loud music across the town’s six beaches.

The ordinance went ahead without including any of the amendments from the opposition (PSOE, Citizens and IU), who consider the legislation to be too restrictive.


Beach Councillor Silvia Egea explained that the beaches are drawing more tourists to the shores and “are not the isolated paradise they were a few decades ago.”

However, the Spanish Federation of Naturism (FEN) has stated that the ban is “illegal and unconstitutional.” FEN’s president, Ismael Rodrigo, explains that Spanish law “allows nudism in any public space,” not just on the beaches, therefore no council can forbid it.

The European Human Rights Court has stated that it is against the prohibition, explaining that nudism is a part of the freedom of expression. 


  1. The world at large has a grossly distorted view of the nudist lifestyle. Nudists are not exhibitionists and abhor the voyeurs.There are no wild sexual parties among nudists and the majority for people might even find nudist to be a bit more nudist singlesand nudist friends on nudist relationship community <>

  2. Well, let the Spanish Federation of Naturism (FEN) do something then. FEN’s president, Ismael Rodrigo, should bring San Pedro del Pinatar to court.

  3. Hugo Goosens. I trust that you will help to pay for a court case. It is always best to resolve such issues without everyone wasting money on expensive lawyers.

    Sara Bara. Nudism has a well dfined meaning, complete nudity.

  4. The research evidence is very clear but still politicians persist in pandering to prejudice. Does San Pedro del Pinatar want the body-attitude related outcomes of countries such as Denmark or those of the USA? If it wants appalling outcomes then it is going the right way about it. Naturism is good for you and prudery results in nothing but harm. Body-attitudes matter.

  5. Malcolm Boura:
    Naturist federations throughout Europe have members who pay for their membership. Such in order to defend their interests. So, FEN will surely have funds to start a case. If they lack money, I will be most happy to contribute. You too?


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