Mayors face heavy fines for Catalan separatist referendum

President of Catalonia, Carlos Puigdemont

MAYORS who transfer voter registration data ahead of the referendum could face fines reaching €600,000, the National Government has declared.

The government has draw up plans to tackle the Cataluña vote of independence, focusing on council representatives and mayors in a bid to deter participation.

They announced that transferring citizen data to another administration for illegal purposes, such as preparing the electoral roll for a referendum which violates the constitution, would violate Article 16.3.


The law states that resident’s data cannot be transferred without prior consent. Officials also indicate that such an event would be in breach of Article 21, the Personal Data Protection Law, which states that administrations cannot communicate information for the exercise of power outside of the law.

The leader of the autonomous state, Carlos Puigdemont, stated that he has invoked “the legitimate right to self-determine a thousand-year-old nation.”

The vote is scheduled for October 1 this year. 


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