Theresa May vows crackdown on Brit holiday fraudsters

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Prime Minister Theresa May at the G20 meeting

AFTER threats from the Spanish authorities to take legal action against spurious compensation claims from British holidaymakers, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed her own crackdown.

According to the Daily Mail, she has responded to their exposure of a number of unscrupulous companies who persuade holidaymakers who return from Spain on all-inclusive holidays, to say that they suffered from food poisoning and make claims against hotels and travel companies.

This activity has become something of an epidemic, obtaining illicit pay outs for lying Brits and earning thousands of pounds for the companies coaching and representing them, whilst forcing up the price of holidays of those who are quite honest and innocent.


Currently, many holiday companies find it easier to settle claims without going to court where costs can spiral but now it appears that a new law will place a cap on compensation payments whilst existing laws will be used to prosecute those who present fraudulent claims in a bid to restore some element of belief in the honesty of British tourists.


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