Spain’s national airline Iberia fined for job applicant pregnancy tests

GROUNDED: Iberia's pregnancy tests

SPANISH airline Iberia has been fined €25,000 by authorities in Mallorca for forcing female flight crew job applicants to undergo pregnancy tests.

Iberia claimed the measure was aimed at  ensuring “the wellbeing of the baby and future mother”.

It argued that the pregnancy test for female applicants was not intended to filter out expectant mothers, but instead make sure they were placed in roles that would not involve any risk to the pregnancy.


But  authorities in Mallorca – where the practice was originally discovered – rejected that claim, ordering Iberia to pay €25,000 for what they described as ‘a serious act of gender discrimination.’The news was met with outrage on social media, where many dismissed the fine as paltry and said they would boycott the airline.

Under Spanish law, women are only required to notify employers of pregnancies after being hired and cannot be penalised or dismissed.


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