Spain will have no right of veto on Gibraltar during Brexit negotiations

European Union
European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker at the recent G20 Summit

IN a written response to a question raised by the Earl of Dartmouth a UKIP MEP, EU President Juncker highlighted the position of Spain and Gibraltar.

Put simply, Spain has absolutely no right of veto on any matter concerning negotiations with the European Union which include Gibraltar prior to Britain – and therefore Gibraltar – leaving the Union.

He confirmed however that after Brexit then it is EU policy that any future arrangements between the UK and the EU which include Gibraltar must be agreed by Spain, giving that government an effective right of veto.


With King Felipe VI arriving in London on Tuesday for his first official visit to Britain it is assumed that he will make some mention of Gibraltar when addressing Peers and MPs, so this explanation from Jean-Claude Juncker is quite timely to ensure that no party is under any misapprehension of the situation.


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