Soft-hearted Guardia Civil officers save life of terrified and lost Yorkshire terrier

Guardia Civil
The lucky dog in the arms of its new owner

AS officers of the Guardia Civil were patrolling on the AL-3106 in Almeria they spotted a terrified and disorientated Yorkshire terrier in the road.

Seeing it weaving backwards and forwards, they then spotted that it was in front of a car stopped at a crossing and believed that the driver had not seen the animal and would be likely to run it over when the car pulled off.

The officers managed to alert the driver to the danger and then collected the dog to see if they could identify it or its owner.


Having stopped at the Local Police station in Nijar, the officers found that the dog wasn’t chipped and had no identification disc on its collar.

One officer decided to give it water, food and even medication and was so taken with the animal that he decided to adopt it and then ensure that it would be chipped and receive all necessary vaccinations and paperwork.


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