Missing man found in Spain six years after he disappeared from Italy

National Police
Missing youth Marcello Volpe soon to be reunited with family

A YOUNG man who disappeared in Palermo, Italy in 2011 was discovered barefoot and mute in the Madrid suburb of Torrejon de Ardoz.

Officers of the National Police tried to communicate with him but found him to be unable or unwilling to speak so they took him to a police station to try to coax some response from him.

He didn’t respond even to gestures and whilst he was not aggressive they were unable to obtain any information from him at all.


Baffled at first, the officers started to check missing person information and finally after turning to international reports they thought that they had managed to identify him so phoned the person who they hoped was his mother.

She was able to confirm that he had a scar on his right wrist and the mother was overjoyed at his discovery, making immediate arrangements to travel to Madrid in order to take him home.

In the meantime, he has been transferred to a health unit for evaluation.


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