Trade deal between the UK and USA will go through ‘very quickly’

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Donald Trump and Theresa May meeting in Germany

AS the ‘great and good’ met at the G20 summit of world leaders in Germany, Donald Trump held out the hand of friendship to Theresa May.

Knowing full well of the British wish to conclude direct trade agreements with countries throughout the world, he it let be known after meeting with Mrs May that he anticipated a “very powerful” trade deal between the two countries “very quickly”.

This will be good news for the British Prime Minister and may even assist in ongoing Brexit negotiations.


The US President also met with President Putin for the first time with both sides saying that there was a positive exchange although there was some difference over the alleged involvement of Russia in hacking computers in the USA.

America was very much on its own on the matter of climate control although there is a hint that Mr Trump may be prepared to moderate his outright refusal to comply with the terms agreed by former President Obama.


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