Simple but safe idea for anyone lost on the beaches of Marbella

Ayuntamiento de Marbella
Children being given their bracelets

AFTER a successful trial last year, Marbella council will be offering free identification bracelets to visitors to its beaches.

The idea is that parents responsible for children and also the elderly or disabled can apply to one of the 15 first aid stations on the beaches for a numbered bracelet and details of the person’s age, sex, hair, height together with contact telephone numbers will be recorded.

In this way, any child or elderly person who becomes lost can be identified via the details logged and the person responsible for them may be contacted.


First aiders will also patrol the beaches offering the service to visitors as bracelets have to be changed daily.

“This consists of a simple but effective system that makes it possible to find the parents or those responsible for anyone who has been lost, as well as the person who is lost”, said Councillor for Sustainability, Miguel Díaz.


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