Unstoppable STD identified in Spain could spread globally


THE World Health Organisation warns of a “very serious situation” after cases of gonorrhoea arise which are totally untreatable.

Three separate cases have been identified in the developed world within Spain, France and Japan where sufferers are unaffected by the last resort antibiotics.

Gonorrhoea is well-known as a particularly adaptive bug with the ability to constantly and quickly change and develop resistance against antibiotics. This is why this situation has long been feared and the need for new drugs is of vital urgency.


WHO estimate that 78 million people are affected by gonorrhoea annually and that these three cases may not be representative of the true number of those with totally-resistant strains of the bug.

The reason for this is that the majority of cases of gonorrhoea are in the developing world which has a lesser ability to diagnose and treat it.

There are at present only three medications being developed to fight these cases and there is no guarantee they will be successful or pass stringent safety measures. 


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