Three men gored at San Fermin bull run in Pamplona

Thousands flood the streets to watch the bull run

THREE men have been gored during the first running of the bulls in this year’s San Fermin festival.

A 46-year-old Spanish man was undergoing surgery on Friday for serious injuries to his head and leg after he was tossed in the air by a bull.

Hospital officials said two Americans, aged 29 and 35, had also been gored – one in the scrotum and the other in the abdomen – but their injuries were not serious.


More people were treated at the event for bruises and other minor injuries. The 850-metre course was completed in just under three minutes with hundreds taking part. 


  1. Never mind those idiots, they choose to do that. I feel horrified for those poor bulls that first get chased in the Streets and after that die in the arena after being tortured for 20 minutes. This is the 21 century, but is sure doesn’t look like it! Shame on all people that attend this cruel “fiesta”. I hope they pay their medical treatment out of their own pockets, otherwise our Insurance will be more expensive.


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