Drones help keep Costa del Sol beaches safe

Ayuntamiento de Fuegirola
EYES IN THE SKY: The drones can help locate swimmers in distress

FUENGIROLA council has reinforced their beach security with a drone unit capable of locating and rescuing bathers.

The drones sport high quality cameras and two liferings, which take less than two seconds to inflate. The new rescue system, which looks as if it were taken from a science fiction film, has already been implemented along the Fuengirola coastline.

The service will run until 31 August, from 11am-8pm, along the Los Boliches beach. Mayor Ana Mula boasted that “we are the first municipality that uses this system throughout summer.”


The two services drones cost an approximate €15,000 for the whole season. Mula justified the budget saying “the effort and costs of the project will be worthwhile if even one life is saved.”

The robots join Fuengirola’s 47 lifeguards tasked with keeping bathers safe over the summer months. 


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