Cash machine bombers caught in Malaga and Cordoba

National Police
One of the cash machines which had been blown up

SEVEN members of a gang specialising in blowing up cash machines have been held in Malaga and Cordoba.

A probe was launched following one of the attacks in Cordoba and it was discovered afterwards that the group was responsible for six similar crimes including one in Estepona.

Police managed to intercept six of the men who were on their way to carry out another robbery in Malaga and were found to be in possession of an explosives kit. After a search of the gangs houses the final suspect and gang leader, an Italian aged 45, was picked up in Mijas.


Investigations into their technique revealed that the gang was using methods most likely devised in Italy was taught to the others by the leader. The amount of explosive used was expertly measured and sufficient to open the cash machines without damaging the notes.

The other men arrested were aged between 32 and 59 and of Italian, Dutch and Colombian nationalities.  


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