Two police officers shot in Barcelona machine gun attack

A police car crashed into a wall

LOCAL POLICE have arrested a Spanish man in Gava, Barcelona, after he open fired on two officers outside the town’s morgue.

According to police, when the two officers approached the suspicious car the assailant, Jordi Casas Cordero, drew an AK-47 and shot them.

After firing his weapon the gunman fled in the green Alfa Romeo closely followed by a police helicopter.


He was detained 32 kilometres away in Muntanya del Mar de Canyelles and has been transferred to hospital with injuries to his arms and legs. His weapon and five ammunition cartridges have been recovered.

The wounded officers, aged 50 and 62, have been rushed to hospital after sustaining injuries to the neck and legs.

The younger agent has been transferred to the Bellvitge Hospital in critical condition.

A spokeswoman for the Public Prosecutors Office has announced that the shooting is not related to jihadist or any other form of terrorism. 


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