Man arrested in Malaga for using disabled badge belonging to dead family member


LOCAL POLICE have arrested a 52-year-old man in Malaga for using a disabled badge belonging to his deceased father-in-law.

Officers noticed the man parking in a disabled space at a health centre in the Malaga capital. Agents checked the card and found that although it was authentic, the expiry date wasn’t visible.

When the accused returned to his vehicle, officers confiscated the permit after discovering it had expired on April 22, 2016.


When investigators processed the incident they discovered that the man had provided a false name and DNI. According to police sources, the fraudster then revealed that both documents were belonging to his father-in-law, who was “disabled and bed-bound due to his illness.”

After further investigation it transpired that the true owner of the parking permit had died in 2014.

The deceiver later acknowledged that he had used the card for the last two years whenever he was unable find a free space.

Investigators have released the man on bail pending a court appearance for fraud.


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