Foreign police to patrol the streets of Madrid

National Police
Joint effort: Police from Spain, Italy and France patrol together

FRANCE´S Police Nationale and Italy´s Polizia di Strato are set to patrol in Madrid alongside Spain´s national police for the first time.

This has been made possible by the European Police Station Project which aims to promote increased movement of officers. Early this year the project enabled Portugese police to spend time in Torremolinos and Benalmadena for Holy Week.

The officers will mostly be there to help visitors of French or Italian citizenship. They will undertake patrols on foot and in vehicles in tourist areas, help victims, aid crime prevention and make reports. The officers will serve in Madrid until mid-July.



  1. hey ho are there really that many foreigners in madrid that they need to bring in foreign police or is this a step towards a european police force and then a european army? Let´s hope not


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