Cataluña will declare independence within 48 hours of a “yes” vote

Independence support is thought to be on the rise in Cataluña

SECESSIONIST parties this week have proposed a draft bill which states that the Catalan government intends to declare independence within 48 hours of a “yes” majority in October´s referendum.

The argument by pro-separatist parties is that Spain´s difficult economic situation led to resurgence in support for independence as Catalonian nationalist parties won the majority of regional seats.

 Voters will be asked “Do you want Cataluña to be an independent state in the form of a republic?”


Details of the bill will be debated and a formal draft will be presented to the Catalonian legislature in August. This will help stall the constitutional court from overturning the legislation as they have done on previous occasions.

Mariano Rajoy´s People´s Party is unsupportive of the move for independence and will try to halt it.

Rajoy stated that he “will not allow a single act that could harm the unity and sovereignty of Spain”. He insisted that “delusions and frustrations can never overcome the serenity and balance of a democratic state”.

The People´s Party deputy leader has stated that the government needs only 24 hours to paralyse the independence bid after the referendum in response to the suggestion of the bill that independence will be declared within 48 hours.

Spain´s second biggest party the PSOE also disapproves of Catalonian independence. Madrid´s hostility to any attempt to secede is unsurprising since the region accounts for 19% of national GDP.

Whilst one governmental poll points to only 44.3% of Catalonians being in favour of independence there have been a number of high profile poll shock elections internationally in the last years.

According to research by El Periodico 85% are in favour of a referendum to settle the matter permanently.


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