Summer show raises money for animal charities in Costa del Sol

Lisa Emeny/Facebook
P.A.D President Lisa Emeny (Middle) with BIC students and Sherry

BENALMADENA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE’S annual Summer Show was a success raising funds for animal charities on the Costa del Sol.

A total of €500 was raised on the day, with €250 going to Mijas dog shelter P.A.D and the other half going to the Fidelio Association in Benalmadena.

P.A.D President Lisa Emeny thanked the international college for their support and said they “always get a warm welcome from the pupils, staff and the lovely Sherry (the schools most obedient pupil).”


Sherry is BIC’s Labrador, who freely roams the school – often paying the children a visit during lessons – and is loved by all there. 


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