Costa del Sol toll road fees rise sparks outrage


SUMMER price rises on the Costa del Sol’s AP-7 toll motorway have sparked outrage as fees rise above €7 between Fuengirola and Marbella.

The limited-access highway runs in two parts along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The second 96km long section passes through Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola connecting Malaga to Cadiz.

The PSOE opposition party have criticised that during summer months the motorway sees a 65 per cent increase in traffic without lowering the concession.


Rodriguez called for the Diputacion of Malaga to “lead and become involved” in the issue.

MPs Eva Rodriguez and Jose Antonio Gonzalez have urged the Malaga’s provincial council to apply the law, explaining that current legislation requires that “if traffic rises, the rates go down accordingly.

“The rates are not adapting to the model outlined by the law,” they continued, adding that “the company should not be allowed to continue exploiting users of the road, while blatantly defying the council.

“It is an unjust situation that affects the locals in the surrounding areas,” Gonzalez added.

The party members stressed that the purpose of the proposal is to make the motorway available to all.


  1. Greedy buggers, no wonder nobody uses the bloody thing. Then we end up with gridlock on the coast road every evening and morning. Pure corporate greed, we should launch a people´s investigation into who exactly paid for it and whether the tolls levied in its years of operation have paid back any money borrowed or invested. No doubt they will just keep charging regardless

  2. When does anything offered to the public work within the law in this country? Politicians are intertwined with most large companies so they are allowed to pull the wool over the public’s eye…. a country with corruption at its base will always fail & Spain is no different, this country should be flourishing but the politicians and the corrupt way of life kills it for the normal citizens.


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