Kentucky Fried Chaos in Benidorm

Luke Ryder/Youtube
Brits trading blows in KFC

SEVERAL VIDEOS have emerged showing a fight breaking out between British holidaymakers in a KFC in Benidorm.

The brawl kicked off after a sunburnt Brit lashed out at a man in a hat, sparking another flip-flop wearing tourist to throw the first blow. The group then continued the fight, drunkenly swinging punches and throwing each other onto tables.

Customers can be heard on the footage saying “chill boys” and shouting “what are you doing” amidst the confusion.


As more Brits joined the anarchy, droves of hairnet-wearing KFC employees stepped in to calm the situation.

Capture 2

One man, apparently unfazed by the unfolding violence, repeatedly demanded “Can I have my chicken burger please?”

The conflict ended with a man wearing a bright orange t-shirt disabling the main aggressor in a firm headlock. 


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