Will do anything to gain power

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CORBYN: Everywhere at the moment.

SOME people just never seem to be satisfied.

Personally, I thought the recent evacuation of the Camberley high rise apartments was perfectly reasonable and justified.

However unlikely a fire of the Grenfell devastation would have occurred quite so soon (if at all) it was nevertheless a possibility.


To hear the moaning and whinging of those evacuated, you would have thought they would have preferred to chance an agonising death than be disturbed ‘at that time of the night!’

Well I think Georgia Gould, the Camden councillor who made the decision, was very decisive and extremely articulate in her explanation for the evacuation and had tried a number of alternatives that didn’t come to fruition.

She simply wasn’t prepared to take the risk, however unlikely, of seeing more people perish. Good for her.

Have you noticed the sting has also gone out of the left unashamedly trying to turn the whole tragedy into a political incident?

Well I think the reasons come clear in the following text kindly submitted to me by David from the UK.

1. The block of flats was not run by the council, but by the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation which comprises of eight tenants, four councillors and three independent members. Emma Coad elected Labour MP was on this board who are being accused of not listening to tenants.

2. Labour holds the seat the block is situated in. 3. Labour run the London council who manage the underfunded London fire service. (Sadiq Khan produced a report saying the fire service didn’t need more funding!)

4. The decision to change contractors during the refurbishment was made by the KTCMO. As was the decision not to spend 138k on sprinklers.

5. KTCMO was formed under the ‘right to manage’ legislation passed when Labour were in power in 2002. No wonder the Corbynites have changed tack and shifted to only blaming the government for not handling the aftermath well enough. Typical.

Couldn’t believe Corbyn, who seems to be everywhere at the moment, actually turned up at Glastonbury.

Blatantly pontificating like some 1960’s Guru, he used this opportunity to try and bend the minds of even more youngsters, who have no idea what life would be like should he and his Marxist party ever to come to power.

His final puffed up ‘message’ to Donald Trump to ‘build bridges not walls,’ was pure ‘flower power’ jargon, Utopian rhetoric that finally petered out when the 60’s flower children came of age and began to see sense.

Unfortunately the kids lapped it up. No wonder the left want the voting age lowered to 16.

It’s the same ploy used by Blair and Brown, who let in floods of immigrants purely to obtain their votes. Labour will do anything to gain power.

They have no morals, shame or scruples when it comes to using the gullible to mark an X against their party.

I would almost like to see them get in, just to be able to tell these misguided youngsters when the whole country falls apart, ‘I told you so.’

On second thoughts, perhaps not.

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Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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  1. Hey Leapy! Please watch ‘HyperNormalisation’ by Adam Curtis on the BBC iPlayer. It starts in 1975 when you were mucking about in your own little world. It will teach you a thing or three. Adam Curtis is one of my heroes. He made ‘Bitter Lake’ about how the western world mucked up the Islamic world, which is now mucking up the western world in return – also available on the iPlayer. Please watch both progs – and learn something!

  2. Those 5 points have been taken from a list of 10 that have all been exposed as untrue. Not enough space to explain on here but to complain labour made it political then you do the same is hypocrisy in extreme.

  3. Fake news Leapy. Any decent journalist would double check his sources before committing to print. Speak TRUTH to power – not lies. And when, oh when, will you understand we live in a complex world where narrow simplistic views don’t contribute anything positive to our society?

  4. Hey Lee P!
    (Graham, Lee P Ullyblank)
    Forget JC
    (Jesus Christ, Jeremy Corbyn)
    Did you also see ES
    (Ed Sheeran)
    at Glastonbury?

    Thousands of the next generation waving their smartphones on torch mode and having fun? Remember fun, Lee P? That thing you had until you threw it all away in a moment of violent madness? Yeah, that next generation you constantly moan about? The future belongs to them! Not you! Get used to it.

    TBC Lee P…

  5. Hi Eagle
    See you are back moaning again
    You must be a buddle of Laughs with anyone who should unfortunately know You
    BUT WRONG AGAIN Bitter Lake by your Hero released 2015 & covers last 30 Years.
    Now 2015 – 30 = 1985 NOT 1975 as you stated
    Please try at least to get your Facts Correct before Criticising other
    The UK TeddyBoy

  6. Again Eagle
    You say Glastonbury liked Corbyn – They are in such a good mood or high
    That they would cheer anyone
    Glastonbury is for Entertainers some Good & some rubbish
    So what the Hell was Corbyn doing there ?????
    Politicians will try anything to come over as Good (Until Elected)
    As you consider yourself Intelligent (Minority of One) You should know this
    It does not matter who gets in They are ALL the Same
    The UK TeddyBoy

  7. If Labour get into power it will be a disaster for the country, just as it was when Blair was Prime Minister. It’s about time people wised up to what Labour is about. Theresa May may not be doing all she promised, but the Tories are far far better than Labour at getting the country back on its feet.

  8. UK Teddyboy. You are mistaken, not me. I stated clearly 1975 is the year mentioned in ‘HyperNormalisation’ – not ‘Bitter Lake’. You are as prone to getting your facts wrong as your hero Lee P. Please try watching both and see facts – not fiction.

  9. Hi Eagle
    I know ‘HyperNormalisation’ Having Contracted in Oil Industry since 18yrs & still run My Own Company I’ve always known Oil Control World first then other large Corporations follow .I don’t have to read Books. or Watch programs. I have what you are lacking ” Intelligence ” to see all that is going on around me. Seems you need to read Such a pity you have no intelligence to see things for Yourself

  10. Hi Again Eagle
    As to your comment on Lee Hero Worship..Wrong again
    It is called Friendship & I know him as well as anyone
    You should try it : That is if you can find a Friend ???
    The UK TeddyBoy

  11. UK TB, there’s really no point in your rants against me. You know nothing about me, only what I write here, which you obviously don’t read properly or you would not be so far away from the truth. I suggest we put a stop to this nonsense now.

  12. Hi Eagle
    you’re loosing the debate & understandable with your level of intelligence
    I know all I want to know about You by what you write
    99% of time is not to do with Column, You just want to have a Go at writer
    & all you know about him is what you Google : Once you start commenting on what is written
    Then I’ll stop pulling You up on mistakes. Thurs tomorrow & whatever Lee writes
    You’ll have a Dig at him..Yes Eagle I know Your Type

  13. UK TB, your increasingly desperate insults are becoming as boring as they are untrue. My I.Q. is just fine thankyou. However you and Lee P may gain some solace in learning I am on my travels once again so you won’t hear from me for some time. Bye.

  14. Great – Eagle is Flying off after ” loosing ” the debate
    Your I.Q. has to be low if you need to read to learn about life & your surroundings from writings of others
    Maybe You’ll learn on your travels not to criticise people you know nothing about
    I would have no problem if you Rubbished the Column. Just don’t rubbish the Person who writes it
    Especially when you don’t know them personally. Use Comments for purpose they are here for

  15. The EWN believes in printing the truth. Its adverts say so. Yet it gives a weekly mouthpiece to an extremist who constantly twists facts and often writes total porkies. I’m finally fed up with this. Got better things to do. Goodbye. Permanently.




  17. Oh, I really do despair as to how naive and stupid some people can be, generally while having their heads stuck somewhere 🙂

    The thing is most people are thick, if you say to someone “I will give you money… or some sweeties” then they will go with you. Sadly they haven’t got the intelligence to understand the rest of what is going on and just listen to money & sweeties, many go to university… OMG!

    Money has to come from somewhere!


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