Police dog uncovers €7,160 drug haul

KEEN NOSE: Otto sniffed out the stash.

OTTO, Almuñecar’s newest drug sniffing dog, has busted a British national carrying thousands of Euros in hash and poppy paste used for making heroin.

The arrest was made at the town’s bus station, where Local Police often monitor passengers.

Otto, a Belgian malinois shepherd, joined the town’s canine unit in April after undergoing five months’ specialist training in Cadiz, joining the canine unit’s other four-legged detective, a Labrador named Negro.


The dogs have been trained to detect hashish, cannabis, cocaine and heroin. Once they have identified a drug, they have been taught to lie motionless so their handler can intervene.

The town’s councillor for Security, Juan Hose Ruiz Joya, said the addition of Otto was “one more service we are providing to residents to fight against drugs near schools, bus stations and promenades.”


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