Left wing parties unite to challenge Rajoy

Wikimedia Commons
Party leaders Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias

MEETINGS between PSOE and Podemos have taken place to challenge the right wing People´s Party in Parliament.

Party leaders Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias held meetings earlier this week for the first time in over 15 months in an attempt to create better unity between the two left wing parties which have had frosty relations since Iglesias´ party gained popularity in 2014.

The talks were considered fruitful by both parties with the PSOE stating that they are willing to work together to inspire “dynamics of change in this country”. Communication will continue throughout July focusing on key issues like youth unemployment and defense.


Prime Minister Rajoy´s party in last year´s elections won the most votes but did not achieve an overall majority. As a result the two leftist parties intend to work together in parliament in order to successfully pursue their own agenda and halt that of Rajoy.

Suggestions have been made that the talks are part of a long term plan to oust Rajoy as Prime Minister. Podemos earlier this month tabled a vote of no confidence against him, but PSOE abstained from the vote because they did not want to be seen as supporting Iglesias and the motion didn´t pass.

This situation demonstrates the need for the two parties to be more unified in order to make progress.

The atmosphere for increased agreement between the two parties is better after the re-election of Sanchez as party leader on promises of better communication amongst the left. As a result the leader no longer backs the contentious Canada-EU trade deal CETA which has been continually opposed by Podemos. The Spanish Parliament will vote on CETA today (June 29). 


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