King of Spain breaks silence on the Cataluña vote

King Felipe VI addressing parliament

KING FELIPE VI has spoken out against the Cataluña vote of independence while he addressed parliament on the fortieth anniversary of Spain’s first elections.

Carles Puigdemont recently called a referendum for Cataluña’s independence, sparking outrage from Madrid. At the same time the king gave his speech, Puigdemont announced that the Guardia Civil have been interrogating members of his party in regards to the vote.

The king opened his speech by saying that “no path taken in our democracy can – and should not – lead to the breakdown of our coexistence” and “even less, to a path that divides Spaniards and breaks the fraternal spirit which unites us all.”


Sir Felipe stated that “disagreements and differences can be resolved through dialogue and debate” and warned that the vote, existing outside of the law, was “only imposition, insecurity and will ultimately lead to the negation of freedom.”

The king’s speech was well received by Spanish parliament, having been frequently interrupted with applause before receiving a standing ovation that lasted longer than two minutes.

A minority of nationalists refused to applaud, carrying red carnations as a symbol of solidarity with Puigdemont. 


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