New app allows people to track jellyfish in Almeria

JELLYFISH: Phone app takes away their surprise advantage

BATHERS who want to avoid getting tangled up with jellyfish can now download a special app on their smartphone.

Available for beaches in Nijar and Roquetas, the app tells users whether there’s an invasion of translucent medusas at their chosen playa that day.

Last weekend the majority of Almeria’s beaches were at the mercy of thousands of jellyfish, preventing countless locals from enjoying their first dip of summer. High temperatures and a lack of natural predators have seen swarms of jellyfish arrive in alarming numbers, with many washing ashore.

The mobile apps from Nijar and Roquetas allow people to check jellyfish levels, much as they might check the weather forecast. Residents can check live images of the beaches on their phones and find out early whether there’s risk of an invasion.

Weather updates accurate to the minute are also available. Both apps allow users to gauge air quality, wind speed and direction, even humidity, precipitation, atmospheric pressure and solar radiation.

Both councils have pledged to work on improving the technology to offer residents the best possible analysis of conditions before they set out to the beach.



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