Dangerous trip: Boy travels 143 miles underneath bus to reach Europe

Emergencias Sevilla
Boy being led away by police in Sevilla

A BOY who is believed to be of Moroccan nationality has travelled 143 miles clinging to the underside of a bus in a bid to reach Europe, before being found in Sevilla.

Emergency services tweeted footage of the boy, blackened with dirt after the trip, being led away by police so that he can be taken to hospital. He was fortunately unharmed by the ordeal.

The coach left from Tetouan, a city close to Tangier, before boarding a ferry to Spain and driving to Sevilla, a journey of many hours.

This story exemplifies the danger people from the African continent are forced to put themselves through in desperation to reach Europe, with hundreds already attempting the journey by boat and others on foot through Turkey.


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