San Juan celebrations leave 28 tons of litter on Malaga’s beaches

La Malagueta after San Juan

MALAGA beaches were awash with 28 tons of litter on Saturday June 24 after thousands of revelers took to the shore to celebrate San Juan.    

Celebrants of the annual festival San Juan left Malaga beaches covered in 86.66 per cent more rubbish than was seen in the aftermath of last year’s festival, said council sources.

The city council announced that La Malagueta beach had the largest volume of waste collected, followed closely by La Misericordia and El Palo.


Aside from a dramatic rise in after party mess, city officials took the time to observe “a significant decrease in the existence of bonfires” on the beaches of the capital.

Government contracted cleaning company Limasa employed an additional 135 workers and 62 cleaning vehicles to clean up after the event. Cleaning began at 4.30am on Saturday and ran until 11:30am.

“As the San Juan holiday coincides with the weekend, the cleaning company will be reinforced Saturday to Sunday June 25 with a reinforcement of 50 workers,” added the city council.  



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