Sad ending for shark that caused alarm on Mallorca beaches


A TWO-METRE long blue shark that caused panic amongst bathers on a beach in Illetas, Mallorca at the weekend has been put down by experts.

Technicians from the Palma Aquarium rescue team decided to euthanise the shark after a thorough evaluation.

The shark had been sighted off the coast on five occasions over the weekend.

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The experts discovered a hook in the mouth of the fish and they took the decision to put it down so as not to prolong unnecessary suffering.


  1. Why didn’t they take the hook out of the sharks mouth and take him back out to sea. The sea is his home not the humans. Should not of killed him.

  2. You tell ’em Euro Weekly News! It’s astonishing how so many people believe every word they read in the UK gutter press. eg. “Freddie Starr ate my hamster.” Does anyone even remember Freddie Starr? Or the fictitious hamster that he never ate? ‘Nuff said. Keep up the good work EWN and ALWAYS speak truth to power!


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