Alcohol and drug-fuelled driver mows down partygoers in Cordoba


A 25-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested for driving his car into revellers leaving the San Juan celebrations in Luque, Cordoba, leaving nine hospitalised and around 20 injured.

Investigators have confirmed that the driver is well-known to local police, had been involved in a fight earlier in the evening, and was apparently under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

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The incident occurred just after 6am, when partygoers were streaming out of the municipal fairground and the alleged attacker “charged at all those who were leaving,” according to one witness.

Another said “when the music was over, it all began,” as the driver sped up and down the street “four or five times,” trying to mow down anyone in his path.

Some bystanders hurled beer kegs and other objects at the vehicle, which some said was targeting immigrant children, although others argued that “he couldn’t recognise anyone and even tried to run his own father down.”

He was eventually overpowered by members of the crowd after crashing into a wall.


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