British employee saves Icelandic cat from 16-day ordeal at Alicante Airport

Hafliði Kúld
Jeffrey after tracking down the runaway cat.

AN ICELANDIC cat named Gutti Diego has been reunited with his grateful owners after going astray at Alicante-Elche airport for 16 days.

The hero of the hour was a British employee named Jeffrey who managed to track the missing moggy down and trap him in a cage.

His girlfriend had spotted pictures of the cat on social media after his owners launched a desperate plea.

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Gutti was raised in Iceland but moved to Spain with his human family three weeks ago.

They had arranged for him to travel in the cabin of the aircraft, owned by Icelandic carrier Primera Air, but he failed to arrive prior to takeoff.

Airline staff told the family that the cat was fine, but when they disembarked in Alicante, the cage was empty.

Owner Ólína Björk Kúld Pétursdóttir told Iceland Monitor that it proved difficult to make contact with Primera Air once in Spain, but kind-hearted airport staff lent them some visibility vests and a car, and a fruitless search ensued.

Fearing the worst, the family were delighted when Jeffrey contacted them to say he had found their pet, and Primera Air have gifted him two free flights as a reward.

Pétursdóttir is now determined to get to the bottom of how the airline managed to lose a live animal in transit.

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